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Directions written by Chia Wald

a.k.a. Hide and Seek, Magic Slide, Slide, In & Out, Hidden Tab, Panoramic, Double Slider, Hidden Slide, Ghost Card and Magic Card

When you pull a tab out from one side of this card a secret tab magically emerges from the opposite side. These directions are for a standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card but can be adapted to any size.

Begin with an 8 x 11 sheet of cardstock. Cut it in half so that you have two 8 x 5 pieces.
Cut one piece down to 5" x 4". This will be the back section. Cut the left over section from this piece in half so that you have two 3" x 2" pieces.
Score and fold the remaining 8 x 5 piece in half. This will create the inner and front sections. (see diagram)
On the 5" x 4" back section measure in " and draw a line parallel to the right 4" side.
On the inner section, measure in 1" from all edges and draw lines parallel to all four sides.
The lines you drew in the previous step created three areas along the top and bottom edges of the inner section. Cut and remove the center area from the top and bottom of the inner section.
Using the diagram as a guide, score and fold the "edge of the back section and glue it to the inner section. This will create a three panel zig-zag card.
Flatten the zig-zag card and cut or punch a finger hole in the center of the top edge. Cut through both the front and back sections.
Cut a strip of plastic from a food storage bag or shopping bag that is 2 1/8" x appproximately 8". When combined with the inner section this plastic will form the inner mechanism.
Unfold the zig-zag card and lay it out flat as shown in the diagram. Lay the plastic strip under the center part of the inner section and wrap one end of it over the top of the center part. Place red-line tape on the end of the plastic making sure it does not extend beyond the endges of the plastic. It is important to use a very strong tape such as red-line tape.
Wrap the other end of the plastic strip over the tape, pulling snugly, and secure to the tape. Cut off the excess strip that extends beyond the tape.
On one of the 3" x 2" pieces, put a piece of red-line tape on of the 2" edges. Make sure that the tape is centered and is less than 2 1/8" (the width of the plastic strip). Flip the piece over so that the tape is on the under side. Place it over the plastic strip making sure to center it side-to-side on the inner section of the card and aligning the top edge of the piece with the top edge of the card. Press the tape to the plastic to secure it.
Flip the entire card over so the piece you just taped on is now on the underside of the card and still aligned with the top edge of the card. Take the other 3" x 2" piece and put tape on it just like you did for the first one. This piece will be taped on in the same way but aligned with the bottom edge of the card.
Refold the zig-zag card and glue the edges together with a thin line of glue.
Hold the card by the sides and pull the tab from the top. The hidden tab will slide out the bottom of the card.

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